Arbustum Brabant Cooperative UA (ABCoop) is a cooperative of a select group nurserymen from Noord-Brabant (NL) and is characterized by a careful quality with attention to environmental friendliness.

Our emphasis is on the principle of 'one-stop-shopping'; the total nursery range over 1 channel, with one delivery and one point of contact.

Your contactperson for ABCoop; Mr. Eric van Kempen. He is taking care of the sales of all products of our members.

Our goals are supported by:
• a small, flexible and entrepreneurial organization
• A customer-oriented approach
• strong focus on mutual cooperation between members and nurserymen
• strategic cooperation with relevant partners

Since its formal establishment in September 2014, there is a start-collective of seven members efficiently and flexibly together. We can also offer you the customer a good service, short delivery times and competitive prices, especially in the countries Germany, France and Switzerland.

Please contact us for a free quote; Eric van Kempen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mobile +31 6 36491794